Mother's Day

7 Million views and counting! This was one of the most fun shoots I've been on in a while. 3 Weeks of traveling with Teleflora & Studio M all over the US, from coast to coast. We captured four different stories of people who don't get to see their mother's due to their careers. We had the pleasure of working with some amazing people including top athlete Blake Leeper. The series was directed by Bryan Reid and I shot B-Cam alongside DoP Simon Shohet CSC.  Here's the first released spot with Navy officer, Ryan Breed. 

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Dominican Republic

I had the pleasure of working with Studio M on the latest WestJet Christmas Miracle video; "Spirit of Giving." It was a special experience for me having worked so many times before in the same village with Live Different (local Canadian Aid Organization). I'm so used to seeing these people in their impoverished conditions, but through this event they had the chance to experience Christmas to the fullest and they certainly deserve it. They have always been such caring, wonderful people to me and others and have been so accepting of me during my time filming in their village of Aguas Negras. We shot this with 5 Camera operators, all on C300, 5D MKIII and GoPro 3 Black. Aerials were shot on the DJI Octocopter & Phanton II Quad-copter by a very talented team of local Dominicans. The filming took part over the course of about 5 days.


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Filming in Dominican & Jamaica


Danni Kreeft. Stationary artist extraordinaire. If you really love your family/friends then the next birthday/christmas/wedding card you give them will be made by her. Whimsical and warm. Buy them here:

The Haitians

While filming a documentary in the Dominican, I came across a game of soccer (football) being played by Haitians at sunset. The DR is dominated by baseball fields, but the Haitians will never stop playing footy.